BOSCH MUZ 5ER2 Stainless Steel Bowl, Capacity 3.9L

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Silver color

Type: Bowl with a capacity of 3.9 l

Works with the product: Bosch MUM 5 series robots

Index: 722329

Stainless steel bowl for the Bosch MUM 5 series food processor with a capacity of 3.9 liters and dimensions (height x diameter): 170 x 230 mm.

  • Other: Max. 0.75 kg of flour + additives (max. 2 kg of dough) Capacity 3.9l
  • Silver color
  • Type: Food processor bowl
  • Works with the product: Robot lines: MUM5, MUMS2 Robot models: MUM58364, MUM58231, MUMS2EW30, MUMS2EW0, MUMS2EW40, MUMS2ER01, MUMS2EW20, MUMS2VM40, MUM5XW20, MUM5XW10, MUM58L20;, MUM58420, MUM58 920, MUM58A20, MUM58720, MUM58020, MUM58C10
  • Attached documentation: User manual in Polish Warranty card
  • Set contents: Not applicable
  • Material: Stainless steel



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