SIMPLEHUMAN CW1643 Cabinet Trash Can 10L

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Hangs inside your kitchen cabinet door for quick and easy access while you are busy at the kitchen counter. Hook the heavy-duty steel frame securely onto the door or screw it in for a permanent mount. Durable plastic bucket keeps your cabinet free from messy spills and lifts out for easy cleaning. Although the bucket is grocery bag-compatible, our Code R custom fit liner fits this can perfectly — no bunching or slipping for a cleaner trash experience.


material:heavy-duty steel frame

capacity:10 litre

liner code:R

warranty:5 year


what's in the box

in-cabinet can liner trial pack

manage scraps efficiently

Hangs neatly inside the cabinet door for quick and easy access while you're busy at the counter. The heavy-duty steel frame and durable plastic bucket make it solid and stable — almost too nice to hide away!

perfect fit — extra strong

Our code R custom fit liners fit this can perfectly so there's no bunching, slipping or messy bag overhang for a neater, cleaner look. They are also extra-thick and double-seamed so you can pack your trash to the rim without rips, leaks or tears.

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