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The WFRB802AHW effectively removes stubborn stains and dirt giving you clean and fresh smelling clothes.

WELS: 4 Ticks

Key Features

6TH SENSE Technology
- An Intelligent Wash for improved savings Whirlpool's 6TH SENSE Technology utilises intelligent sensors to automatically control resource usage for maximum efficiency every wash. These sensors also actively adjust the optimal drum speed based on the laundry load to ensure gentle but thorough cleaning.

SENSE Inverter
- A long-lasting, extremely quiet and advanced electrical motor is installed at the heart of the machine to ensure long life to your washer.

3D Sensor
- Intelligent Stabilizer System. The washer comes in-built with an intelligent, noise-cancelling stabilizer system. Its 3D Sensor is equipped with shock absorption and helps minimize vibrations for a quiet wash, any time of the day.

Large LED Display
- An intuitive user interface for an effortless wash experience.

Wide Double Insulated Door
- 485mm wide drum door makes it easy for loading and unloading of laundry and heat insulated doors are safe to touch.

Drum Clean

Quick Wash 15'

Time Wash

Delay Start

Water Efficiency
Rating : 4 ticks
Water Consumption : 5.60 litres/kg
PUB Registration No. : WM-2018/024262/TUV

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