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Tefal All-in-One Solution IXEO POWER iron steamer station

Tefal reinvents the ironing : Bringing together high-pressure technology with the Smart Board convenience, the Tefal IXEO Power iron steamer station offers an exceptional all-in-one steam solution. Tackle your morning shirt twice faster, with innovative technology always at hand, putting cutting-edge steam power at your fingertips, ready in about 70 seconds, for performance that matches a steam station.* The built-in three-position Smart Board offers comfortable upright,horizontal and 30° ironing with enhanced ergonomics. The easy iron head boasts a feather-light user experience with optimum ergonomics, in a format that's twice as light as a standard steam iron.** With a range of enhanced features, including no-setting Smart Protect technology for fast results and no burning, IXEO Power is a full garment care revolution—all without the need of an ironing board.

*Steam performance compared to Tefal Effectis, ** Compared to Tefal FV3910 iron



Comfort and ease with built-in Smart Board

Smart Board matches all your needs: From vertical steaming, to horizontal ironing, going through the new 30° position. Discover a new and improved garment care experience. Also, its size is perfect to fit all types of clothes.


Powerful technology for dependable results


Innovative High Pressure Technology provides perfect results thanks to its outstanding steam power : Steam pressure up to 5,8 bars, continuous steam output of up to 90 g/minute and an extra-powerful steam boost up to 200 g/minute.



Improved ease-of-use with new iron head


A brand-new design offers a comfortable, lightweight ironing experience with an iron head that's up to half the weight of a traditional steam iron, and with precision tip that helps to go in all details



Smart Protect technology


Benefit from an advanced garment care system that is safe to use on your entire wardrobe even the most delicate, such as silk, with a technology requiring no settings.


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