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ProSmart Inverter Motor


High efficiency, high durability, low noise


Don't stress about your energy bill or give yourself a headache every time you wash and dry your clothes. Thanks to a brushless motor design, ProSmart offers energy efficiency, lower sound levels and higher durability – all in a single machine. All so you get the most from your washer dryer without disturbing your monthly budget or piece of mind.


Wash & Wear Programme


1 kg of laundry, ready to wear in 1 h


Got an hour until that important meeting or a promising first date but nothing clean to wear? That’s all the time you need to wash and dry 1 kg of laundry with the Wash & Wear Program. Now you can have a full outfit ready to wear in an hour.


Refresh Programme


Fresher clothes in 30 min


Now there’s an alternative solution for those clothes not dirty enough for a wash but not clean enough to wear either. Refresh Programme powered by IonGuard technology removes unwanted odours from your lightly-worn clothes. Fresh ions and steam circulate the drum and refresh clothes without the need for a full wash.


Hygiene+ Wash & Dry Programme


Ultra-hygienic results at any temperature


People with allergies know too well that some mites and bacteria might remain on clothes even after washing. The Hygiene+ Wash & Dry Programme blends sensitive temperature controls with additional rinse and spin cycles to make sure these microorganisms are removed from laundry. Working at a range of 20 °C to 90 °C, the 60°C cycle is approved by Allergy UK to eliminate 99.9% of allergens.





Washing Capacity 9kg

Drying Capacity 5kg

Maximum Spin Speed 1400 rpm

ProSmart Inverter Motor High efficiency, high durability, low noise

Dimension (HWD) 84 x 60 x 59 cm

Time Delay Flexible Time Delay (0 h - 24 h)

Display Type Digital Display

Colour White

HomeWhiz Connection Type Bluetooth

Downloadable Programmes 1. Mixed Programme

2. Outdoor / Sports Programme

3. Dark Wash / Jeans Programme

4. Down Wear Programme

5. Lingerie Programme

Number of Programmes 15

Cottons Programme

Cottons Eco Programme

Synthetics Programme

Woollens / Hand Wash Programme

Daily Xpress / Xpress Super Short 14 min Programme

Shirts Programme

Downloaded Programme

Spin & Pump Programme

Rinse Programme

Cottons Wash & Dry Programme

Synthetics Wash & Dry Programme

Ultra-hygienic results at any temperature

5 kg Wash & Dry Programme

1 kg of laundry, ready to wear in 1 h

Fresher clothes in 30 min

Functions 1. Prewash

2. Fast+

3. Drying

4. Bluetooth

Sub-function 1. Clean & fresh drum

2. SteamCure

3. Child Lock

4. Bluetooth

5. AntiCrease+

Drying Type Water Condensation

AquaWave Wave-like drum action for gentler treatment

Safety Overflow Safety, Unbalanced Load Control, Automatic Water Adjustment




Key Features

  • ProSmart Inverter Motor
  • Wash & Wear Programme
  • Refresh Programme
  • Hygiene+ Wash & Dry Programme
  • Dimensions: 600 x 590 x 840 mm (WDH)
  • 2 years warranty by CASA


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